Beatrust Optimizes All Encounters


Create a world where everyone can realize their best selves.


Optimize all encounters.

To create a world where everyone can realize their best selves. Our vision is a world where everyone can find the right people at the right time, working together to acheive their goals. Beatrust's mission is to provide a platform to enable these kinds of encounters. The moment you want to connect with someone, you are instantly connected. With these systems in place, collaboration begins naturally, transcending organizations and even national borders. We allow people from all over the world to work together, We aim to provide a service that optimizes all encounters.

CEO Message

During my time in Silicon Valley and working for many different US tech companies, I have witnessed the creation of many innovative products and services.The common thread behind such innovations is an open and flat organizational culture that encourages its teams to aim high, and autonomous collaboration among a diverse workforce. We started our company with the desire to provide products that can accelerate the creation of such an organization and support a way of working that allows the knowledge of each member around the world to connect freely and quickly while leveraging each other's strengths, and to achieve self-realization in exciting new ways. We thank our valued customers for their continued support.




Beatrust Corporation
35 Kowa Building 3F 306, 1-14-14, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052, Japan


Kunio Hara

Co-Founder & CEO

He has participated in Sumitomo Corporation, early Softbank and Silicon Graphics. After founding the company twice, most recently as an executive officer at Microsoft Japan and Google Japan, he co-founded Beatrust in 2020.

General Management
Business Development
IT Sales
Strategic Consulting
Open Innovation
IT Sales
Customer Development

Masato Kume


After working at ASATSU-DK, he joined Google Japan in 2011. After working in digital marketing implementation support, startup investment, and partnerships, he co-founded Beatrust with Kunio in 2020.

Business Development
Startup Investment
Google Ads


Diversity makes us powerful

We share the vision of creating a world where everyone can realize their best selves. We have talent from all over the world with diverse experience.

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