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Beatrust People

Holistic visibilityof skills and personalities

Find out about core responsibilities
Past work history and project history
Skills and personalities
Contact Information
Department and teams
Discover what people have in common

Beatrust Ask

Internal Q&A portal for rapid issue resolution

Consultation on business issues
Finding knowledgeable people in-house
Building project teams
Dynamic matching of people and posts
Easy-to-use filter functions
Fun reactions

Beatrust Share

Knowledge baseand share boardfor sharing ideas

Easy-to-use interface
Share images, links and more
Easy-to-use filter functions
Can be grouped by keywords
Transparent, open posting
Intuitive operability

Beatrust Thanks

The internal communication tool encourages gratitude and recognition across teams

Send Gratitude to multiple people
Quick & simple “theme” picker
AI-powered message generator
Fine-tune message with “tone”
Empower gratitude with “peer-tag”
Express gratitude with joyful style

Seamless user experience

Integrate with other tools to provide a seamless user experience

Integrates withMicrosoft Teams™ andSlack™

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